Groups on doxy difficulty adding clients to call

I started an online group Monday and it took 15 minutes of trying to get 4 members on the same call. Group members would get dropped, there was a crackling noise, and muted mics that they were unable to unmute. Has anyone else ran a group on doxy? Any problem solving ideas?

Many users in my organization have reported issues with group calls. Problems seem to start usually around 5 participants (including the host). Connectivity issues, quality issues, etc.

Until there’s a significant improvement on, we haven’t been recommending using the platform for group calls of more than 4 participants.

I think this is also dependant on user devices, connectivity, etc. so other people may experience different results.

I tried my first group yesterday and had problems with all participants being hearable/able to hear. It may be that I needed to press the gear button. However we changed to another platform and that was so easy and everything worked so well. Will have to stop doxy if this continues and sign up for another platform.

Essential for the needs of our clients that everything works well.