Hearing ding from check in

I have some sessions where I hear the “ding” from clients checking the entire session long
no one is in the waiting room but I hear the ding the entirety of the session
anyone have any ideas on how to stop this?

I have the same issue. Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to the timing of it either. I’m on a MacBook Air using Chrome.

I, too, have had this occur recently. No pattern to it.

I have had same problem.
Dr.Doug Brady

Did you check your phone settings (or laptop if that is what you use) to see what level your notifications for your browser is set at (repeated notifications might be set too high). Just a thought. Good luck,
Marolyn Morford

I have the same problem. My notifications are fine. I stopped it dinging every time I get an email. But this is random; it occurs several times during some sessions, but not at all during most of them.

This issue should have been fixed with an update we made on Tuesday, October 11. Please reach out to support@doxy.me if you experience this again.