Hearing the 3rd party. Voice is distorted

I don’t have an issue with using on-on-one with a client but when we are a group of 3 in a session (2 paid membership clinicians and the client) the client cannot clearly hear the clinicians’ voice and becomes distorted.

I paid the membership hoping that this problem is resolved. Can I join a group using my own log in doxy name? Maybe if I join the group with my own login name it will help.

This improved when changing from cell to iPad . Consider that change

Thank you for the tip! Clinicians are using laptops but not sure if client is using cell or IPad.
Also, I will try to use a change of the “group leader” (everyone calling one doxy person), Im guessing that all connections go through the speed connection of the leader therefore the leader’s speed should be higher. Since I have high speed connection, I’ll try to be the leader so that all clinicians and client log on to my doxy and I disburse the feed to all 3. Not sure if this makes sense lol. but I’ll try anything!