Help getting help, please

I just tried to use the premium chat as a Professional member–I clicked on the box and waited at least four minutes without any response… in the meantime, I tried calling–the first time, I got only an offer to leave my name and number. I hung up, preferring the promise of a quicker response from chat. I tried calling again when chatting wasn’t quick at all–tried to leave my phone number after my name, only to be told that it “wasn’t a valid extension number”. After several tries, I chose “0” to try to reach a person, and was told “Goodbye” then disconnected. Not feeling the help. What’s the secret?

I’m having the same problem. My camera is disabled, and I don’t know why. I click on the premium chat link, and nothing happens.

There should not be a “trick” to this. Lousy customer service.

Hi @cmcnittlcsw,

Thank you for posting. I’m so sorry to hear that you had some trouble getting in touch with us. I completely understand that it is frustrating when you are experiencing an issue and cannot find help. We have a highly dedicated and skilled customer support team ready to go!

Here are the best ways to reach us:

  • Chat support is available 24/7 via the Help button in your account dashboard. Click Premium Support and Send Us A Message. The system will prompt you to answer a few questions to get you to the right team. Our team is available from 8am - 6pm EST. If you happen to reach us outside of those hours, our doxybot will suggest help until our team returns.
    • As part of Premium Support for our Professional and Clinic subscriptions, guarantees an email or chat response from a member of our team within 1 hour compared to basic support which guarantees a response within 24 hours. Our average first response time is typically within 20 minutes!
  • Phone support is available 8am - 5:30pm EST. If all of our specialists happen to be on the phone or you reach us outside of these hours, instead of leaving you waiting on the line, we give the option for you to leave a voicemail and a specialist will call you back.
  • You can also always email us directly at

Pro Tip: Search our help articles. We keep these up to date with basic troubleshooting that can save you time once you reach a support specialist or even answer your question!