Help us design new features - feedback interviews

Here is your chance to be heard as we decide what form future updates to take! We are looking to conduct a limited number of interviews this week where we will discuss how you use a few specific tools in the platform, and what might be different about them. Interviews will be held via, and will last 15 to 30 minutes.

We depend on the feedback of our users to make sure this remains a service that suits the needs of everybody. If you would like to help us out and participate, either send me a direct message (preferred), or if you cannot do that then respond to this thread, and I will contact you. Thanks!


Hi Adam, I am available for a 30 minutes interview next Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday before noon, Eastern time. I still do not seem to have an option to DM you but I believe you should be able to correspond with my via the email associated with my Doxy account for scheduling etc.

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Hi, Adam. I am interested to help design improvements into
I am available most afternoons.

Steven Locke, MD
Chief Medical Officer
iHope Network
A telebehavioral health company

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Hello Adam- I am a psychologist in private practice and connected to many other colleagues. I was seeing about 20% of my clients through telehealth and it’s now at 100%. I have been speaking with numerous colleagues about the benefits of different platforms and almost switched from to another platform. I would enjoy providing positive feedback and suggestions. My most flexible days are Monday and Tuesday. Thank you.

Hello Adam- My contact email is

Hi Adam, how do we reply privately?

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Hi Adam!

My name is also Adam and I do telehealth and EHR training with Merakey Behavioral Health. Id love to participate in this! I can be flexible with times. I appreciate reaching out like this!


Adam Levandoski
Clinical Application Analyst Trainer
350 Sentry Parkway
Building 640
Blue Bell, PA 19422

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Not sure how to send you a direct message, but interested in helping you make the service better.
Susan Rosenzweig, PsyD

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I am willing to be interviewed.
Michael Schaal M.S.W.

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I am willing to be interviewed.

I am available Mondays Tuesdays and Friday mornings until 2pm generally and would be happy to help with an interview.

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Hello Adam. I would like to participate. We have a large, multi specialty health system is Georgia. Let me know how to help.

Thank you Adam for the opportunity! I would be willing to speak with you as well. I see 35+ people a week all on There seems to be progress with technical issues and it is encouraging! Always willing to help.

Hi. I am available for a 30 min interview as I’m very frustrated with this platform. I’m hopeful this will help to be heard and improve the service for others as well who are experiencing g the same issues.

Sure - if still need ./ want interviews - willing. Let me know.

Kim Hoffman

Available and would like to participate
Bill Hall
Chief Information Officer*
M: 619.987.1986