Hide patient in waiting room and disallow chat

This typically happens to me with patients that log in late and I cannot accommodate an appointment:

The patient logs in late and I see in the waiting room (chime). I am with another patient and the late one then logs out and logs back in (chime). The late one is impatient that I haven’t connected to them and so wants to notify me that they are there (pop-up). The current patient sees that I am distracted.
After multiple chat attempts with me by the late patient, I ask the current patient to hold on for a moment and message through chat with the late one to call the office to reschedule. I return to the current patient.
The late one tries to start an argument with me via chat (pop up). Or ignores the message and keeps logging off and back on creating multiple distractions. I boot him from the waiting area and he logs back in (chime). I finish with the current patient late, I take more time to tell the staff to call the late one and tell him to stop harassing me. Now the rest of the day runs late.

SO: Can we have a way to “mute” or hide a patient in the waiting room?

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