HIPAA-compliant text notifications please

PLEASE help us remain HIPAA-compliant while still receiving text notifications when someone enters our waiting room. Many of my patients “check in” with first and last names, and to have those full names pop up on my iPhone or Apple Watch does not feel HIPAA-compliant.

This can be improved by any of the following means:

  • Changing the text notification content to “Your patient has entered your virtual waiting room” (as opposed to, e.g. “Jane Smith has entered your virtual waiting room” [NOTE: this is how Doximity Dialer informs providers.]

  • Changing the wording in the check-in box to “Enter your initials here” or “Enter your FIRST name here,” etc.

I sometimes use Doximity Dialer as a backup video visit option and I appreciate that they don’t forward patients’ names to my other devices.

Thank you very much!


I have been uncomfortable with this same issue. I believe it is not HIPPA compliant.

For the benefit of those reading this post in the future, this was addressed in December 2020. After some additional research to make sure we were meeting HIPAA standards as well as giving providers the detail they generally wanted in the notification, we determined the best solution was to only send the first name/word that the patient chooses to enter when checking in. Therefore, even if they entered their full name, it would only send their first name in the notification.

Thank You for providing us with a place to safely provide services to those in need!