Horrible tech support

I have been unable to get a person to discuss this since last week/. The chat bot just keeps sending me in circles. Do the tests and everything looks good but I still can’t see or hear client while they can see and hear me. How can someone run a business with this kind of tech support. I chose this as an option and now for several days cvan’t do any video calls. Why isn’t there a number to call?

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I had this issue. If you are using Chrome try opening doxy.me in a new incognito window (you can get to that by clicking the 3 dots right under the X in the upper right corner of Chrome). If it works there then you likely have a Chrome extension that is interfering with doxy.me. In my case it was an extension to prevent videos from auto-playing in Chrome. Once I removed my extension I’ve had no more problems with sound or video.

If you walk through the bot questions it will get you to a point where you can send the tech team a message. The bot gathers answers and then directs you to the person that is most trained for the questions you have. Are you not getting to a point where you send in a message?

Hi Bojan. I looked it up, and you’ve had three conversations with us. In one you got an answer from our support team, and didn’t respond, which we took to mean the advice you were given resolved the issue. In the other two, both of them pretty shortly before you posted this thread, the bot asked you to type out your question, so a member of the support team could get to it, but you did not. Those conversations are in fact still sitting open, waiting for you to write a question.

I think Anita above gave you some pretty good advice, try using an incognito window or another browser and see if it solves the problem. If so, it’s probably something about your browser extensions or settings. If that doesn’t solve the problem go ahead and contact us through the help button on your dashboard, but be sure to actually ask your question - we can’t answer it if you don’t.