Hotfix to Firefox 80 grey screen issue

Hi community! Some Firefox users have had a problem with grey screens appearing on calls, both on the provider and the patient side. We have successfully deployed a hotfix for the Firefox 80 gray screen issue. This means that the workaround we offered is no longer needed. Providers and patients using Firefox can now use without problems related to the gray screen issue.

If you completed the workaround, you can revert the update at this time. It will still work without reverting. Instructions are attached below if you would like to.

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Hi Kurt,

One should not post word documents as there is always a fear of an attached virus. Please re-upload your attachment as a pdf.

You are absolutely right about Word docs and danger. :slight_smile: Sadly the forum does not let me upload PDFs. I have removed the Word doc and attached the procedure here as a png.

Right after I received this email today, I had a client who used Firefox, and we again had the same issue.