How do I change my URL for patient check-in?

I have tried editing my Room URL so patient’s name pops up when they click on the link. The instructions for coding the URL are’t accepted as a Room edit under Waiting-room edits.

You can edit your Room URL from your Account Settings by expanding the Room Settings section. When your patient clicks your link, they will be directed to your room and prompted to enter their name for check-in.

You shouldn’t need to change your URL for each patient. Your URL should stay the same and consistent across all patients.

Hi Hilary. Are you asking about a URL that automatically checks in your patient upon clicking the link? Here are instructions on how to do that, if so:

You can send this link to patients in an invite from your own email, and they won’t have to manually enter their name when they arrive in your waiting room.

Once a patient gets the invite from me via my email the first time, do I have to each time send an email for them to click into the waiting room? Session times and dates vary. I want them to be responsible to click in just like coming to my old waiting room, without me always inviting them in. How do I set that up?

All patients need to do is go to and put whoever their doctor, therapist, whoever’s name in that they are seeing that is registered through Doxy. I personally send the link most of the time, but I have many clients that just log into doxy and put my name in to gain access to my waiting room. Just let everyone know the first time you see them that you won’t be sending the link. They can log in themselves.