How do I change the patient welcome message?

I don’t see where to edit the welcome message when the patient checks in. It says that the doctor will be with them “in a moment.” I don’t want it to say that, because I’m instructing patients to test the system and their connection/video ahead of time. I don’t see how to edit this.


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Hi There, I think this is a great observation. What I did to resolve this issue is that clients have instructions in their booking confirmation email in how to test their connection,video, and audio. Then, in the waiting room the first thing they see is a reminder to test there connection and where to find the button. “The doctor will be right with you” is a kind of “the doctor is here and the lights are on” as if they were walking into a clinic that is not online. Then, either reception or myself greets the client with a chat message saying hello, confirming that you are expecting them and inquiring if they have tested their connection. You can see through the hover function if they have everything working (I think). You can walk them through any trouble shooting or link in with doxy tech support if you are not sure how to help them. Once they have everything working, I usually ask permission to start the call.

I hope this is helpful! It would, however, be great if more features were editable on our side so we can communicate with our clients though our own, unique language. That said, I find a little bit of technical support through the chat feature can be very stabilizing.