How do I do a group call?

Can someone explain to me how to do a group call??? Thanks.

Hi Deborah. Here are the steps:

  1. Invite all the participants to your waiting room.
  2. Begin a call with one of them.
  3. Once the call has begun, select “group call” from the menu in the left-hand side.
  4. Add the other participants from the menu that pops up.

You can add more participants at any time during the call, so if one or more join the waiting room after it has begun, you can add them then.

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thanks so much for your rapid and helpful response! this is great.


Helpful info. What is the max number of folks on a group call?

Just a reminder that to be sure under Clinic settings the toggle switch is “green” indicating that you are set up on the dashboard to set up group calls.

There can be 10 participants on one call, including the provider who initiates it.

Is group call only available with certain licenses?