How do I know who paid me?

Hello, I recently upgraded to the pro version, so I can accept credit card payments during the session via Stripe. I enter the charge, and the patient enters her credit card info. Then Stripe sends me an email “your funds are on the way.” The problem is, there is no “memo” area in for patients to enter their name when they pay, and Stripe does not tell me (in the email or on the website) who made the payment. This makes keeping track of accounts very difficult. This problem was noted on the chat boards in April '20 and Sept '20. Has it been fixed? Or is there a work around?

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Hi @drharrisonrestelli thanks for reaching out. Some providers will match the time of the payment with their meeting history or third party scheduler. Unfortunately this isn’t very easy to do. I’d love to learn more about your use case.

  1. the minimum information you would need to identify the right patient?
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • First and Last Name
  • Zip Code
  1. Would you want to enter this information when you send the payment or have the patient enter it with their credit card?

Thanks for your response. With my previous credit card processor, I could enter a description with each charge, like " 05112021 John Doe initial Dr. Smith" and then the amount. The description and the fee would be on the receipt, and visible on my account record with card processor. Then it was very easy to reconcile who had paid, and who had not. I would prefer to enter this when I enter the charge, but having a space where the patient could enter the info would also work. Since many of my session fees are similiar (initial X, follow up Y), it is not helpful to have 4 deposits come in all for the same dollar amount (Y), when I can’t tell which of the 8 patients I saw that day made the payment. Minimal info needed would be patient name and date of visit. So patients don’t dispute the charge, what do they see on their end? My business name (the merchant)? Stripe? Some other payment processor?

Patient first name
Patient last name
Patient date of birth.

This would be minimum necessary to match payments. Ideally a report of the above could be oriented at end of each day with $$ payments.

Patients should enter when they enter card information automatically.

Memo area if fine but if free text then nonspecific information of useless information may be entered.

I set up a spreadsheet in which the date, patient’s name and amount are entered.
I track payments from Stripe on the next 2 columns (date and amount paid)
The information is local on my computer, so I don’t have to worry about confidentiality.

I have a LOT of technology in my office. Tracking payments for each patient should be built into the software platform like any other software. This is simple and doxy should be able to easily implement this.

Here’s how I do it. Go to the stripe website after you get paid. Click on payment then click on description where there are random letters/numbers), then click on edit and enter the patient’s name. I put in the first name and last initial. Save. Now you know who paid you. You can view this on stripe at any time. This takes me seconds. Very easy.

A very interim method is to charge slightly different amounts to each patient, like $100.13 vs $100.11.

Caveat: we don’t charge our patients this way, no idea how complicated it will be to implement, especially if you want to have equity eventually.

Thank you for the suggestions. When I go to a restaurant and pay with a credit card, my name is often printed on the receipt that I sign. Including the customer’s name is a very common feature and one that should be easy for or Stripe to implement. Anything to ease the administrative burden on small practices that lack front desk staff would be greatly appreciated.