How do you edit the text message template?

Would like to change the text message template? Any suggestions?


Hi there, thanks for posting on the discussion board!

We don’t support this just yet but looking to. Could you provide a few more details on how you would like to change it, and what content you’d prefer to have in the message?


I too would love to see this option. Perhaps an editable initial text block + common text *the link to the chatroom.
E.g. Editable text = “Hello, this is Dr XXX, your lab report is ready” followed by
Common text = " Click to join for a secure video call

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It would be great to add a time and date to the text or email message as a reminder for the client of the session time.


My clinic would like to be able to edit it so that it is in the appropriate language for the patient. We serve many many languages outside of what is available on doxy currently.


That’s a great idea. We will allow for that.

Is there a way to edit it then?

As a provider, I want to include the link for patient equipment pre-test in the messages to the patients, so that when the patient connects with me, the provider, we are spending more time discussing their case and not debugging hardware issues.

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This is very new for a lot of patients and providers we would really like to be able to add the patient’s date and time. I think it would really help with everyone trying to implement new work flows, etc. Thank You.

Hi Dylan? I still can’t edit the text message. I would like to put the passcode in the text message to increase the security of my waiting room.

Would like to include appt date/time in text message

Please include option to put in time and day of appointment. It would be really helpful.

Hi, did you by chance get a response, resolution regarding adding date & time when sending link/invite to patient?

Hello there,

Please disregard my comment and you can even delete it. I am a new user to Doxy and realized that the link can be used for all sessions, so a date and time is not needed.

Thank you for your follow up and please know that I am appreciating your services during this time.

Take good care,


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At the very least the ability to put our company name in the text message so it looks a little less generic/spammy.

From this: “Hello, this is Mr. Collins - please join me for a secure video call: https://****”

To this: “Hello, this is Mr. Collins from “Company Name” requesting a telemedicine visit. please join me for a secure video call: https://****”


Hi Kim,

I am working on figuring out the kinks.

For instance; we would like to be able to edit in a note/message when sending the link over to the patient. To include their appt date and time. (so they are not joining or signing into the waiting room at
the wrong time) Also, when one patient signs in, all providers get that same notification. How do I go about correcting that?

Thank you for your time

I agree. I would love to see a template for text/emails. I created a template for my users to use when sending out emails from outlook. I want to keep things as consistent and easy for everyone.

Basically i would like to see this


Intro Text

Doxy variable (This would be the url ect)

Closing text

Seems like this is a popular request! Any chance we could see this in the future, Dylan?

As our staff who is contacting our patients will be medical or patient services, we would like to remove the specific name in the text message when we send it out.

Until Doxy improves this, there is something that you could try. In your users, you can edit their personal information, and change their Preferred Display Name to say “Mr. Collins from ABC”. The problem with this is that there is a 20 character limit. So, you probably can’t spell your company name, but if you use an abbreviation, it might work.
I have only found 2 places where the Preferred Display Name is used: on your Welcome screen (not seen by the patient in the waiting room), and used when sending invites.