How do you work around no EMR?

Dear all,

I’m a psychiatrist starting up telehealth private practice and new to this platform.

Does any know how to work around the fact that does not provide EMR for documentation during evaluations?



Hi, @dromarmazher. I responded on your other post, but I’ll comment here as well for future readers.

Most of the providers who use an EMR/EHR system use that system in parallel with Some use two monitors to split and the EMR system, some use a split screen on the same monitor, and some use two different devices.

We also do have some EMR system integrations in beta testing. If you are interested in learning more about those, I can connect you with the appropriate member of our team.


Thanks for your answer! This answered my question exactly. Yes, I’m interested in learning about those EMR system integrations.

I use a cloud based EMR side by side with


Can I ask two questions?

  1. Which EMR interface with In CA starting Jan 1st, 2022 required all EMR to have eRx. Do you want to create that feature here on so it is more convenient for us who do Telemedicine?

  2. Sent link patients check in but unable to see them. Is there a help link?


Hi, @drtamknguyen.

  1. You can see an overview of how to integrate and your EHR in this article collection as well as the top integrations we are working on.
  2. Try this Help article on the Patient Queue.