HOW DOES This work?


New to doxy. I am in Indiana. Your wizard out there, how does this work? I am a FNP in primary care clinic. Husband will always relocated. I want to keep my career. This might be my last hope. How do you find patients? How do you bill? How do you collect payment? How does insurance work? Who is going to be the collerait en physician? Thanks so much for any advise!!


Patients find me online through specific websites and google. I accept private pay and insurance. I bill through an EHR. Payments are set up through the bank. I am not connected with a physician as I am not in the medical field. Hope this helps.


Here is a great article about insurance along with Medicare CPT Codes.

We always highly suggest having a website. Prospective patients google for providers now. If you don’t have a website, Brighter Vision has created websites for many users.


Is there another address for the article. I clicked above and it says page no longer there. Thank you.


This is the correct site: