How exclude a personal waiting room from pulldown?

We need this too. I don’t want my admin account showing up and we don’t want to use any Shared waiting rooms at the current time. Also if we could arrange this in a certain order it would be good. It just seems random based on when they were created. We have 15 Providers with their own rooms and they are in order created.

@Dylan any progress on this feature request?

Yeah, even though we will plan on limiting what rooms show up here, random order is silly. If there was a default order, at least make it alphabetical. Ultimately what I think we will do is make the room names be the last names of our providers, then list them alphabetically. Right now it’s a bit of a trainwreck.

Hi Dylan, I am sure this is a busy time for your team, any update on getting this functionality incorporated?

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I need to know this as well. Thank you

Are there any updates in regards to this feature?

This was going to be addressed in a week or two 29 days ago. Not getting any replies from support. Has anyone heard of any update schedule?

Can you tell me if or when this will be addressed please. We have a large group and want to prevent people accessing provider rooms directly. We have a shared waiting room for all providers and patients. If we could switch off the generic waiting room with pulldown that would be great.

We are also trying to limit the other non-provider rooms from our drop down. Cannot find a way so far. I tried to place an “x” in front of the last name to force the room to drop to the bottom of the drop down, but that doesn’t seem to work for the landing page. it does move it to the bottom of the clinic manage users sections. Is there any way to edit the room name to place an “x” in front of the name besides from the email?
Anyone know if you delete a paid user, can you modify this and/or will you be charged the fee again?

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We really need this feature as well. We have a large practice and we have patients clicking on the wrong rooms because we can’t limit their choices.

I understand we are implementing this feature very soon. I wanted to offer some workarounds for this while we are waiting that some clinics have done.

Some clinics are renaming user rooms that will be appearing as “Staff Only” “Employees Only” and some clinic even use these rooms as employee communication areas!

Any updates on this feature? Last post here was a month ago when the feature was coming “very soon.” Thanks!

This feature is at its final stages of of development and will be released as soon as finalization is complete! We are likely weeks away from releasing this feature if all continues well.

Is there an ETA on this? We really need it ASAP

@nathan-silverglate I’m pretty sure mid next week it will be out. But let me confirm.

Yes, please let me know. We’re hoping to roll out telemed to our patients starting on 7/7/20

This should be standard functionality. There is no point in being able to have a landing page with a drop down of rooms if we are unable to customize the list. This means we can’t funnel patients into a process if they are able to bypass the group rooms and go straight into the doctor’s room.

There are so many examples of why this would need to be the case. I understand that you guys prioritize new functionality based on forum activity, but this is so basic that it should be high on the list by default. We were told we could customize this list and this was a huge part of why we upgraded. We can’t use the landing page functionality because it can’t be customized.

We look forward to it’s release. Thanks for your hard work.

Hi Dylan,

Any update on this? I agree completely with @PCCH as to this being an incredibly crucial feature. We are hoping to have your platform up and running by next week, so please let me know the ETA of this ability.

I was honestly surprised this wasn’t here in the first place. Our providers are complaining GREATLY about it. We have 50 + 14 admin. We are a behavioral health center as well. It is not easy for our patients to navigate.

There should also be a way to prioritize the list. Meaning, moving items up or down the list. I added some numbers in front to drive our shared rooms to the top.

The lack of this “feature” tells me this product was not built as an enterprise ready product, but has been added upon as larger asks are made.

Don’t get me wrong I am a HUGE Doxy fan at this point. This option not being included cause me to question myself that I was missing configuration before reaching out. So surprising that is all.

Oh yeah, and please hurry up with dev. :slight_smile:

Hi all, good news we did release this today. Feel free to comment or leave your feedback: product update: New Clinic landing page tool, group call improvement, and more!