I can hear client but client can't hear me

I can hear and see my client and my client can see me but my cannot hear me. Also During screenshare my client can hear the some of the videos.

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This has been happening for a few weeks now I use Google Chrome and it typically goes away within 30 seconds - lots of static and sometimes my clients tell me I sound “robotic” after that for a few more seconds. I have also used “Jituzu” with My Clients Plus and not had audio issues with them.

I have the same issue today, the patient can not hear me, it has been bad with the Safari Update. this has never happened till today.

I have also had audio issues, not with all callers but at first they report a lot of static or interference and we have to reconnect or use Zoom. If this doesn’t get fixed I’ll probably switch platforms, it is interfering with the sessions

All of our Providers here are having the same problem. They are using Chrome/FireFox as a browser. It has been working great but now all of a sudden, we can hear the patient but they cannot hear us. Not having that issue on other platforms.

What other platform do you suggest?