I cant hear my patient but she can hear me

I was initially able To hear my patient, but suddenly I can no longer hear her. She has no problems hearing me. The pretest is showing that the audio is fine yet for some reason I’m not able to hear her. What do you suggest?


Have you gotten an answer?

The only response I received was an email from them yesterday about the surge in the amount of people using Doxy & how they are working on the situation/problems. Today all went well, so I’m hoping for the same tomorrow. Most of my patients are canceling & will only do telehealth.

Thanks for responding. I think yesterday everything went awry w them. But they have a notification you can sign up for times when they are having problems.

Hi all, you are correct. Yesterday surprised us with the sudden traffic, but today was no problem given our team’s efforts. Please sign up for our status page here: https://status.doxy.me for the most updated info.


Thanks, I signed up👍

Cindi Harris-Krane, MS, NCC, LPC

Purchased Professional Option today and 4 patients could not hear me (from PC, tablet or phones). I could see and hear. This was not a problem with the Free version. I had patients (and did myself) check for mic, speakers, re-start computer(s) so much time wasted and no changes. Finally cancelled last patient. Cannot work like this. What to do if this is the “professional” version? Go back to free version? Please advise. Disappointed on first day of purchase. Thank you

Hi, We had drops mid consults with 2 patients today. 13:00 GMT (think 9am EST). Have had to move all patients this afternoon to our Zoom premium account.

I have our small team now not wanting to use Doxy (we only started Monday - so probably some of the new users contributing to increased demand). Is there a timeframe to resolve this?

Have checked, and it seems morning time GMT - 5am - 8am EST is fine. As soon as the USA wakes up, it grinds to a halt, which leads me to believe it is a system balancing issue.

I understand that as a service provider, perhaps quite a lot of healthcare professionals will revert back to business as usual once the current covid-19 crisis is over, so it may not be worth additional setup to support what could be a short term demand. There are some practices (like ourselves) who see online therapy as a great additional string to our clinical services, but when we can’t trust the system to work, it hampers advocates within a practice who want to help move things forward.
Thanks for listening! :slight_smile: :ear:,

Hi could you elaborate on “grinds to a halt”? What exactly is happening?

All our calls are peer-to-peer in nature, and demand isn’t dependent on other people using the system (at least for audio/video calling).

I will look at the dropped calls, but that’s almost always a bandwidth issue on provider or patient’s side. Zoom handles this by lowering resolution/turning off cameras to handle low bandwidth. We don’t do it automatically but you could do these things yourself to keep the connection alive even while on slow internet connection.

The same problem just happened for me during a session. I could hear for the first 10 minutes, then could no longer hear the client. We finished the session on our phones since we both had video. It went OK but is not ideal. I ran the test of my system and it reported bad quality audio, but I could find no way to troubleshoot it. Any ideas? I do not know how to check my microphone.

I just signed up today and first patient was able to hear me but I couldn’t hear him

Hi, if they can’t hear you it’s either because your microphone isn’t working, or their speakers aren’t working.

If it’s your microphone :

  • Restart your browser
  • Restart your computer

If it’s their speakers :

If this doesn’t help, check out other suggestions in our help center.

To me also, so we both shut down the computers and rebooted. This helped in some cases, but I still have problems at times with this issue


Thank you Dylan! I am new today and launching tomorrow. :grinning:

Same used it this AM 3/20/2020 and it went well. In session this afternoon and about 8 mins in lost audio, they can hear me I can’t hear them

I used it for two sessions yesterday in free version, first session was great and had video and audio for entire session, second, I could not hear them but they could either see or hear me but not both.

Today none of three sessions worked. We both had video and they could hear me but I could not hear them. I rebooted my computer for both sessions.

I just upgraded to professional version and am hoping that it goes better this afternoon.

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Hi. It happened to me to but what I did was had the client call me, or call the client if you still have video

Yes, that’s what I did also. We talked on the phone while seeing each other on the video.

We have this same issue as well. This is a Doxy.me issue. It’s easy to blame it on bandwidth/device, who’s to prove them wrong? Yet Another issue… This is getting frustrating. Because our current Video system can’t scale to the size we need for this time of need so we went with Doxy. With the same patients we’ve time and time again have used our Video system and its been a good experience. However, with the same patients using doxy not so much. It’s time to start looking for another solution if they can’t get this fixed up so we can see our patients .

Did you ever hear back Or are they still just saying its a Device and Bandwidth issue?