I can't see my patients

Just today, I’ve run into difficulty with doxy. I can’t see any of my patients today. I have tried shutting down computer, restarting, clearing browser of cookies, switching to different browsers, nothing works. I can see my patient’s for a split second when I first connect and then it shifts to a grey screen with their screenshot picture, regardless of whether they try to turn their camera on or off. They can see and hear me. I can hear them. I have heard others are experiencing this issue. Does anyone have suggestions to fix this?

Thank you so much!

Ok, so it turns out, I saw that my Chrome browser had a doxy app available. When I went to the three dots in the upper right corner I chose to install the doxy app, now that I am using the Doxy app instead of the chrome browser, the problem is resolved. I hope this helps others!

Thank you! I had this problem several times and saw the app available. I will try that! Awesome!

Where did you find this? I can find a " Doxy.me Screen Sharing" extension, but no other Doxy-related stuff for Chrome.

I see no Doxy app in Chrome on my iPad or iPhone. I see a telehealth app by Simplicitie and another one that says Doxie but that’s it. Suggestions?

Also I’ve had this problem for 2 weeks now - doxy.me has become unusable.

In chrome, when I clicked on the 3 dots upper right, the menu included an option to install “Doxy.me - Free and Secure Telemedicine”.

I’m not sure how to find the app if it doesn’t show up in there, I’m sorry!