I see squiggly lines in color but can't see my client

Twice my client has joined me and i can hear her, but i get green sguiggly lines instead of seeing her. prior to this incident, we had no problems connecting with voice and visual. She reports that this happened to her on another Doxy call with another provider… It sounds like a setting on her I-phone… any thoughts to correct this?

i hope that is viewable…

I get the same squiggly green corduroy pattern with one patient who has a pixel phone! I think its something about that phone and its interaction w doxy.We’ve had to switch platforms which works fine with her pixel.

I too have had this issue 4 or 5 times in the past 2 weeks. Audio connect, video looks like a broken VCR just like the posted picture. Unusable for video. iPhones, Android and pixel devices, all the same implying that it is not the device. Because I will make 30-40 visit connections in a day and almost all are otherwise not distorted, I seriously doubt that the problem is on my end. So, Doxy.me; any answer to this?

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Same thing is happening to me once in a while.

This happens to me too - with only one client. Initially our sessions were fine - now we can hear eachother and she can see me but I can’t see her -just squiggly lines. This has gone on for weeks! Her profile/initial pic is fine when she logs on. Nothing we’ve tried does anything - Doxy please fix this or tell us how to fix it!!! Thank you!

these are the instructions Colin fron Doxy gave me, i passed them onto my client, i see her tomorrow and will lyk if it worked

Is the client using an Android 12 based device, this looks like the error we found with android 12 users and chrome. Here is how to fix it

Monitoring - Google Chrome has confirmed the fix for this issue will be deployed with Version 98. In the meantime, the workaround will still be needed:

Android 12 users are able to fix this with these steps:

1) Go to chrome://flags

2) under “Search Flags”, enter "hardware"

3) Disable the “WebRTC Hardware Video Encoding” Setting

4) Check back in and restart the call.

will look like this:

I have had this problem as well with several patients. It is very strange. Thank you for posting that question!!

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My client tried the above solution and it did not resolve her issue. i also noticed she is sideways, when we connect on FB messenger. her phone is upright. i have sent Doxy another EM to see if they have other solutions.

If anyone used the above solution, please post if it works for your client or not

It is interesting that when this happens to me with my client I have the same bright green bottom squiggles - client claims there is nothing green on her side. The work around did not work for her. Also interesting to note is that it stopped when she got a new phone.