Improved tool for viewing photos while in consultation

I’m a pediatrician and people want to show me rashes ofter. Trouble is, they can’t keep both the camera and the child still enough to get resolution. Instead, I sometimes ask them to disconnect, take some still shots of the rash, log back on and transfer the files. I request them and they come through. However, when I open the file (jpg usually) it opens in my default photo viewer but I can only look once, esc to go to regular connection, then view the next. to re-see the first one I have to go to file explorer and find wherever the file went to and reopen.
It would be better with a built in photo viewer, and there should be default options for a site to which the photo will be sent when I load it. The file names are problematic, as they come in with whatever the parents’ phone assigns. I’m not sure how this might be done, but ideally the photo would pop up, remain to be seen with second or more, with the option of zooming in. Other enhancements to a photo, might be useful, but zooming is a good start.

Resolution of still photos is vastly superior to trying to watch a moving image of a rash.

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Thank you, this is good feedback. I’ve created a separate thread in the Features Requests section, where our developers are more likely to see it.