In group call show person speaking

I was just informed that Doxy no longer switches automatically between speakers in a group call. Please bring it back! It is tedious in a family therapy session to constantly click on the person speaking so I can see them full screen.


I’d like to hear from the team about why they changed this.

I use Zoom for non-secure calls and events. They have the option to pin a speaker (for your own computer only) or spotlight a speaker (the host chooses who will be in the big window on everyone’s computer).

And they have the option of speaker view (what @gregbishopphd is talking about) or gallery view, where you can see everyone equally in the big window.

These options would be improvements. Please consider.

Also, a small thing–could you make the thumbnail images moveable on the screen? The other day they were over one of the faces on the big window (several people were sharing 1 device) and I couldn’t move it out of the way. I didn’t want to just hide it, cause I wanted to see that person, too.

Thanks for bringing this up, @gregbishopphd.

Thanks for considering this, team.


I want to add my strong support for returning the auto speaker view in the big window. I do a significant amount of group therapy and I, and all my patients, miss this feature. I makes the group therapy experience much closer to what the real in-person experience is like. The loss of this feature has taken some value away from the group therapy experience. Clicking on the speaker to enlarge them is, in a dynamic group therapy experience, an interference with spontaneity. C Donald Williams MD CGP (certified group therapist). Thanks for considering our input.


Yes - the group call feature needs major improvement. Gallery view, ability to pin the speaker, and auto speaker view would vastly improve the quality. Thanks for all the improvements you’re making, keep up the good work!


I agree with graceplace that we need gallery view when we’re working with more than one person at a time. My office has tried both Zoom and Doxy for our staff meetings, and with Doxy, each of us has a different person enlarged on our screen, with everyone else in their small boxes the side. I am about to restart a therapy group and this would not work at all; everyone needs to be the same size and we all need to see the same thing on our screens. So, Doxy, please add gallery view!

I am thankful that there is a way to turn off the speaker view. That was making me crazy. One member of a couple would be talking and then their partner would clear their throat, thus bumping the other person from the screen for a second before receding again. Dizzying. I definitely don’t want to have to click on the speaker each time either. Fiddling with the screen like that takes me out of the moment and makes it harder to process what is going on in the session.


I thought I had messed with my settings when I had a couples session today and only one person was enlarged and stayed that way regardless of who was talking! Why in the world would Doxy change this setting to no longer have the main speaker be the main image??? Definitely takes away from the dynamic nature of counseling and ability to be present in the session rather than taking attention away and clicking to enlarge each time the other person talks. Agree whole heartedly that gallery option would also be ideal.


I agree, I like for the person talking in the group to be front and center and not to manually press on the screen

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Yes, we need those options! Before the changes, I was able to use Doxy for my consult group meetings. Now it isn’t workable, and we have to use a different platform.


Yes, please bring back the autospeaker function. It is much less effective having to manually switch to the current speaker.

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Yes, please bring this back. And, please create a “gallery view” so that all faces are visible on the screen at all times.

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Zoom offers various badly needed options: to pin a speaker or spotlight a speaker - i.e. the host chooses who will be in the big window on everyone’s computer. Also, choice of gallery view. PLEASE no more uncontrollable ‘hopping’ screen, from one speaker to another! Give more control to the clinician, e.g. the choice and decision of who gets to speak and when.