Integration of Other Payment Vendors

Is it possible to provide the option to integrate additional payment vendors other than Stripe?

Do you recommend using other vendors? Are there other vendors with less of a cost to us in terms of the % they take?

Currently Stripe is the only option to have integrated into the actual platform, but many providers choose to use their own billing software or other programs such as Square which is fine. You are welcome to use whatever platform you prefer and is most convenient for you.

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We currently use Classy and they have a 3% transaction fee. Stripe is 2.9% + .30 per transaction (adds up a lot!). Not sure about Square. These fees are crazy considering we only pay about $25/mon with our office’s credit card machine.

I would just like to have the option to use another vendor within Doxy since that removes obstacles that would otherwise delay payment. We’re a non-profit so we are limited to what billing platforms we can afford.

Completely undertandable. We hear you and I will pass this information on. Side note, Square I believe is also 2.9% with a 10 cent transaction fee. Thank you for your contribution to telemedicine. Have a great week.

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Thanks for all you do Gwen! We’ve been very happy with Doxy :slight_smile:

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I am grateful to have the option to collect fees during the meeting BUT have you seen the Stripe fees? Seriously 25.00 meeting fee cost me $1.32; that is highway robbery. I use QB and the fees are half of Stripe. Of course the higher the meeting fee the higher I am shelling out to Stripe so it can be very expensive off my bottom line. please negotiate better rates or help me figure out how to negotiate better rates. I also find Stripe does not link directly to my accounting software so it is a lot harder and more time consuming so there are good in the moment payment but lots of behind the scenes work to link the member to the bill and then to my software for billing and my bank - yeah, not worth the prices overall. I am going back to Quickbooks online billing to save a lot of my money until I see an update the rates are lower.