Integration with EHR's such as Epic?

Anything on the road map for Integration with EHR’s such as Epic?

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Yes, it’s something we have it on the roadmap but it’s not an immediate priority at this time for our development team. As of right now, it’s a longer term feature. That can certainly change based on demand, of course.

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What type of integration were you looking for? Or what problem could we help solve?

How do I include the patients list/telephone number into Doxy me so that I don’t have to type it every time?Thanks.

I’m working with a group of 100 providers who have recently moved to Epic. Being able to open a session within Epic would be wonderful.

I’m working with a group of 200+ providers and we’re converting to EPIC next year. Integration with EPIC will weigh heavily on our decision to stick with long term, after we convert EHRs.

I’m not on Epic, but our EHR is a Netsmart solution and they offer their own telemed solution that they have integrated with their EHRs. The main integration points are pulling the schedule and client info/phone number so the docs can basically sit there with their daily schedule click on it to fire off sessions.

Good news! This year we plan on taking our first steps to integrating with certain EHRs. If you are interested in having integrate with your EHR please contact me directly Our focus right now will be making it easy to launch a call from within the EHR (i.e. Making it easy to let patients check-in and launch a visit from MyChart and a click for the provider to enter dashboard from Hyperspace.)