Intermittent Air Pod connection

I’ve now had the same issue with all of my clients who use air pods for the past 2 weeks. This does not occur with clients using plugged in headset or other wireless headset.

After a minute or so into the call, I cannot hear them but they can hear me. The fix requires them to leave and return to the room. Sometimes the microphone connection drops again, requiring another leave and re-enter.

Today for the first time, the opposite was true: an air pod user could not hear me but I could hear him. I tried restarting the call but that did not fix it. He left and returned to the room, and the microphone then stayed connected through the duration of the call (approx 35mins).

I’m wondering if there is something about the way air pods connect to microphone and speaker differently than other headsets, and if there is something I can direct clients to do for a more stable connection?

I am having the same exact issue! It works better in Microsoft Edge but still occurs at times and I find it frustrating!