Intermittent sound distortion

I had problems today with serious intermittent sound distortion to the point of having to use our phones for our audio today (11/13/20).

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I just opened a thread with a similar issue that occurred today. Are you by chance on macOS Big Sur?

No, I have macOS Mojave.

Weird thing is, the same thing was happening with SImplePractice when I switched to that platform. During my third session with this problem today, it somehow fixed itself.

I listened to a YouTube video later to see if the problem was with my computer speakers, but they worked fine.

Did you get any resolution today?

Thanks for your response.

I didn’t get any resolution yet, but I haven’t had a chance to troubleshoot this yet. I’m not sure if it is a Doxy Issue with macOS Big Sur, an Apple system wide issue (they have had plenty in the last couple of days), or a Doxy system wide issue. I just wanted to start a thread so perhaps Doxy could help us troubleshoot, especially if other people are having issues today.

The incoming sound at the beginning of my sessions was unintelligible, just a series of electronic noises. I was able to clear it after a couple of resets, but I had to have my clients log out (along with me) and log back in (a couple of times). And I’m not sure if that solved the problem, or just time allowed the system to right itself. It’s a bit of a conundrum at the moment.

Yes, I do the same thing with both the client and me logging in and out several times. That often fixes whatever the problem is, but didn’t this time. I had clients get on their phone with me fir the audio and mute the microphone for

The sound had a machine gun quality and was unintelligible.

That is a perfect description of what I also heard. Quick followup, I had a client session today (Saturday) from 10:00-11:00 Pacific Time, and the audio was perfect. Hopefully whatever happened yesterday has been corrected? (Support Team: Yes?/No?)

yes same thing happens to me alot!!! we use our cell phone and mute the computer…one session can be fine and the next is difficult, either they cannot hear me or I cannot hear them…what is the deal…i had sent my computer in to see if it was the speakers, and it was not,then it happened again, only the client could not hear me stated i sounded like a robot and it was going in and out…i switched to my other lap top and it was fine, but not sure if it was just logging in again that fixed it cause my audio is fine with u tube. however, i will run a test with my friends to see what is what…is it the clients bandwidth, or poor internet…even a cell some times get great connection, but other connects not so good…what is going on…???

We did as well. We had the provider pause the session, which sent the patient back to the doxy waiting room… The provider then picked the patient back up from the dashboard and the audio quality improved.

I had the same problem so switched from Safari to Chrome and it went away.

I’ve had the same problem a number of times. I usually have the client hang up and reenter the room and that fixes it. Not a perfect solution as it needlessly uses up valuable time but …?

Today Nov 17th beginning at 1pm I had sound distortion for one hour. Very difficult for patient to hear me without the noisy sound interruption

Yes, I am still having the problem today. Logging in and out has worked at times but not others.

Me too. The spurting, machine gun, intermittent sound happened each time I tried to connect this morning (11/17). We also went to using phone audio.

This is happening to several of our providers intermittently also. Two were on iPads (Safari) and one had the issue on both PC and Mac (Chrome).

I use Chrome; had updated to Big Sur. I find I often have to sign out, exit doxy, Force Quite Chrome, Force Quit Finder, then log in again. Otherwise sound is off at my end or the client’s end. Then other times it all works fine. I find later in the afternoon (more traffic?) it is worse, even though I am next to the router and have high speed internet. It is all better than a month and a half ago, so that is a plus. Please keep working on improvements and compatibility,

I also have intermittent sound problems.

I have had it happen a lot as well. Yesterday it was really bad and she was on her cell phone so we couldn’t call and us our phones for audio. It kept saying that her internet connection was low.

Today I have also had issues with the sound quality and I am using an ipad with Mac Mojave. Prevoius days this week were fine.
I haven’t been able to use with my laptop for more than a month as while my system was set up as normal and I tested both the audio and video both were working, the clients couldn’t hear me. I was quite frustrated and haven’t gone back to trying to use my laptop as I do not want to switch to Chrome. Will be disappointed if now similar issues are occurring and are not resolved whilst using an ipad.

That happened to me – from one day to the next, no audio – I have external speakers on my PC, and I discovered they had been turned off! Turning them on, of course, eliminated the problem.

Wish there was such an easy fix for me - but I don’t have external speakers…