Intern Access Available?

I have an intern with me for a few months, and we both need access at the same time to therapy sessions…is there a way we can both have access to features (chat/share) without adding another account? Sitting together at the same computer screen is just awkward! (and not socially distanced!) Thanks for any work arounds!

Hi there
If you are under a Professional subscription you can conduct a group call and have the intern check in as a patient.
If you would like to have them have their own waiting room under the same account you would want to upgrade to the Clinic version.
Have a great week!

Yes, I have them join as a client now, but they cannot share their screen or transfer files, or textchat with the client so they are not really able to practice the whole session, as managing the technology piece is part of running the session. Was hoping there was a way we could both sign on as the host or I could give them access somehow. Bummer!

Your intern can absolutely have access to all of these functions. You would just need to upgrade to a Clinic account. We offer 50% off for students and educational purposes.