Invitation via text message not working

Anyone else struggling to send a text invitation? I have the professional version and it is still not allowing me to send texts. Thanks!


I can’t reply either. Started an hour ago

Yes we cannot send text invites.

we cant send text invites either. it says system error.

Same issue here with unable to send text invites

We ran into this in our training session this afternoon. It boiled down to repeatedly clicking send and eventually it would go through.

Hi all, I am seeing this on our side too. I will investigate and post updates here and our status page if it turns out to be a systemic issue.


It the meantime try using email or another option to invite the patient if it gives you an error.

yes yesterday I could invite w text, today I can’t

Yes, same isseue here. I had one visit not work at all and then another I was able to get them to put my waiting room address into their browser ( we then had sound and video issues) but it somewhat worked… at least enough to be able to bill.

I have am having the same issues with sending text invites. It keeps saying system error

My providers are having the same issue,text not working and sessions are not getting recorded.

yes - just started with doxy today - first text invite went through fine - I just kept resubmitting the others and they went through after about 5-10 tries

Any Updates after 4 and half hours?

We had the same problem today.

In the online help, the automated system gives the following reply. Who is the provider that is blocking the texts? This is not the time to block texts from a telemedicine app. I have contacted my state and US level representatives to get their colleagues in public utility/telecom committees to put pressure on the provider (once we know who that is) to let these go through.

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Please get this fixed asap. We may have to get a refund and use another program. Our patients need the text option as many don’t have email.


Good Work. You have provided more information than Doxy! ??? Yes, unacceptable!

Verizon works! AT&T Does not!..

PLEASE get this fixed ASAP! I know the demand is high right now and appreciate the services that provides. This is so critical at this time.

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