“Invite via” options


suggestion: On the “INVITE VIA” tab on dashboard it would be great if the dropdown options were tabs instead. Ie Invite via text was its own tab, invite via email was its own tab. these are the most frequently used “clicks” and they are hidden on a drop down while infrequently used features such as user community and telehealth shop have huge one click tabs on dashboard.

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agree completely! The most frequently used functions should be up front with own buttons.

My “Invite Via” button stopped functioning entirely, as of 05/20/20. I can’t send waiting clients the link. Have had to use Facetime till I can get this corrected, also can’t send them a pay request, vis Stripe, if they can’t enter my waiting room. Was working fine for weeks till then. Correct this soon or you’ll lose me as a “Professional” paying customer.