Inviting other participants while on a call

It is a great feature to be able to have two separate individuals on the call. But it is only possible if both have already checked into the waiting room.

In a scenario when we are already on the video call with patient, and decided to invite somebody else, there is no way to do that.

If possible add, invite feature capability even if one is on the call.

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Hi Dr. Mania. Thank you for that suggestion. We were actually just thinking about this the other day. Could you tell us a bit more about what scenarios lead to this situation? This seems like a scenario that might be unique to telemedicine given the fact that when patients meet their provider in person, at that point it is already too late to invite others to the appointment.

If others read this thread and can provide real life examples of when this is helpful and how often it might be necessary, that would be helpful. I’d also be interested to know which type of invite you are most likely to send - text, email, or calendar? Or are you looking to “copy” the room url?

As of now, the workaround would be to open a separate tab in your browser and navigate to your dashboard, then send the invite and close to tab. But obviously that is not as convenient as being able to do it while on a call.

Thank you.

Thank you. The workaround did not occur to me and I will try that.

It does not happen often but if and when it does it is a problem. Example would be when I am with patient and I need collateral information from a person who either forgot to join, or lost a link. I am a psychiatrist and often have case workers, parents, teachers, even forensic case workers and probation attend some of our appts.

I don’t have a secure way to text from my phone. Calling on the phone separately is not convenient because I would rather them be together with patient on the call.

Again, would be a useful feature but if your workaround works, I will be satisfied.

Thank you. Very helpful. I appreciate you taking the time to respond with your busy schedule. I’m assuming the “in call” invite you would use the most, if not exclusively, would be a “text message” invite. Let me know if that is not correct.