Iowa City Errand-ers for Covid-19 shut ins

I am an IT business owner focused on healthcare clients I am introducing them to doxy this week.
It occurred to me that my daughter, Allison Stutting, could benefit with her volunteer organization Iowa City Errand-ers. The tool would enable shut-ins to communicate video to video with the college students providing assistance / care to them by running their errands. They are not MD/DOs or clinical providers. Would they still be eligible to use the service? They are strictly volunteers and will not be charging for any services. They are in the middle of a go-fund to assist in costs.

They could budget for doxy - so perhaps a clinic with 4 users would work to coordinate calls to the shut-ins. If it’s bending doxy too much let me know. Its the “thinnest” video to video experience I can find. Perfect for the elderly target market for the service. Thanks - Kevin Stutting