Ipad and iphones

Hello, I’ve mentioned this before but now all of my clients who are using iphones and ipads are not able to be seen using doxy. When they log in I cannot see nor hear them. When they enable the camera and microphone, I can hear them but then a black screen is shown. This has been a frequent issue and the client is able to seem themselves but then I can’t see them. I have to then use something else. Has this been addressed?

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hi @sharic! Thank you for raising this concern. We are continually trying to improve the experience for iOS. Can you please provide a bit more information on which browser is used, and which version of iOS?

I believe it’s the latest version of iOS, I’m not sure as it’s different clients. I can ask them individually, but it’s an overall pattern. They are using Safari and one even used chrome on her iphone and it still didn’t work.

I had the same problem the other day, and the person ended up having to switch to their laptop. Didn’t see it as part of a pattern until I saw this!

I have recently had problems like this if I am on my computer. When I use my iPad I don’t have this problem. My computer is only six months old, so it doesn’t have to so with that. My computer guy told me that iPads work better if I am having trouble, and I have found that to be true. I haven’t been tracking what my clients were using though, because they don’t have a choice.

Having the same problem here and it seems pretty random. Some are on computers, some on iPads, some using Safari and others Chrome and it seems to be getting worse. Clients on their end are getting the message that their camera and/or mic can’t be read or accessed. And most of them are pretty tech savvy and know how to trouble shoot.

My laptop is older but it still works for video conferencing. Thank you for your reply because I’m now using my phone and it works there. Must be an apple thing maybe.

I wonder did the ipad OS update recently? One of my clients was using her ipad in late May, but a week later, in early June and today, it no longer works (I can’t see her, but I can hear her; or I can neither see nor hear her). My usual fix of getting the client to restart her device did not work.

Ipad just updated this week. I was having this issue before the update but I do know for iphones the iOS updated a month ago. I found that when I use an apple product I will be able to see the client but I cannot from my laptop.

So I’m confused. What is the problem when this is happening? I was able to connect during a test run with another user in the house but now I’ve tried 2 weeks in a row with a client and there is just the spinning circle saying it is trying to connect/ .

Nothing has changed on my end. I have to use an apple product to connect to any client using an ipad or iphone. If they’re using a mac it’s okay though.