Ipad Dropping Calls

I have been using my Ipad for Doxy calls for the last year+ and just recently it has been dropping my call at the 47 or 48 min mark. It does it with both safari and chrome, I have great upload and download speeds, and doxy is working fine if I just use my phone. It happens just about every meeting I use the Ipad with over the last month. I would rather not use my phone but might have to until I figure out this issue. Does anyone have any ideas?

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I am having the exact problem. iPad drops every single call at 48 minutes. I have tried Firefox and just did a full update for safari today and my calls are still dropping every time. I was told by doxy that is was an apple problem and likely fixed when the update happened. Nope still not working properly.


We have been experiencing the same issues at our company as well. usually 20-40+ minutes in. It will cut out and our clinicians will have to reconnect.

I have been having the same problem for the past 2-weeks. I’ve been using doxy for more than a year on my iPad with absolutely no problems. Now, calls are dropped after 20-30 minutes. Doxy simply closes and disconnects completely requiring a new login. I’ve tried Safari and Chrome with same results. I completed the latest iPad OS update 2-days ago but that has not fixed the problem.

Experiencing same… is there a solution?

Update; In the last couple of weeks, I have not had this problem. It might have aligned with when I did a software update. I am not sure if it is a permanent fix, but I can hope.

I did an update on my iPad and I’m still experiencing this issue.

Yeah, I am not sure why it started working for me again. I have had 3-4 meetings this week and it worked fine. If it helps I have been using safari and have the Ipad plugged in the whole time. Good luck!

Thanks Corinne. Last night it dropped twice in one session using my ipad so I switched to my iphone… still happened with the next session on my iphone.

I’m having the same issue. This has been reported for a month now. What’s the work around?
IPad Air, Chrome, Safari and Firefox
Mark Carney

If anyone who is experiencing this issue has availability to test with us, so we can see exactly what happens as it happens, please reach out to me at cullen.kavanagh@doxy.me. We are having trouble being able to reproduce this issue with those providers we have tested with so far. We have been trying to find the root cause of this issue so we can fix it, but have been unable to because of our inability to reproduce it.

Alternatively, if you have any data logs from the device you were on from the time that the call crashed, you can also send those over to me which would hopefully help us pinpoint the issue.

I have been having the same problem — cut off @ 45min into each session for the past 2-3wks, using Safari on same iPad since 2020, running iPadOS14.8. Tried Firefox today — same thing happened.

Is someone working to resolve this issue?

We believe that the issue with dropped calls is resolved with an update to Safari, iOS, or iPadOS 15 or above. There were a few other issues that could happen on version 15+, but we deployed a fix for those issues this morning and believe all of them have been resolved.

Please reach out if you have updated to version 15+ and are still experiencing issues.