IPad sound quality problems

I’m having consistent difficulties with the sound volume when using Doxy on my iPad Pro. Looking at the discussion boards, this seems to be a known issue, but I wasn’t able to find out any solutions. I’m using Safari as the browser. Safari’s volume output on other websites is working just fine. Also, when I’m using Safari to videoconference via Google, the sound output is working.
Any solutions?
Thank you.

I am having the same issue on my iPad 10.8. Very frustrating.

The sound problem is happening to me as well

Solution that works for me (it’s silly but works) is to turn iPad into landscape or portrait mode and turn it back. Sound fixed. I tried to communicate to tech support at Doxy but got the usual nonsense of update the iOS and such.

I am having audio problems on a new iPad. Either I can barely hear the pt, or they can barely hear me. One of my patients told me that the test has been grayed out on both her iPad and laptop. I’d say I’m having problems of one type or another on 50% of my calls. Also, if a patient ends a session, I lose my microphone and have to completely turn my iPad off and on again to get it back. Why is FaceTime so much more reliable? It’s very frustrating.