Iphone problems

I am having frequent problems with connections when my patients are using iphones. When I have a good connection and the patient’s iphone gets a call or a text it breaks the video, audio, or both connections and the patient can only fix it by signing and connecting again. Are other people experiencing this? Is there a setting the patient can make in the iphone to prevent this from happening. It is annoying and time consuming.

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On the Iphone or any phone for that matter there is a do not disturb option that they can enbale while they are on the call. Then they can toggle it off once they are done. Test these

For Iphones

For Android Phones

Yes, I’m having the same issue. The ‘Do not disturb’ is a good option which I will suggest to the client but I also wonder if there is another solution in case they need to be available for emergency calls (many of my clients have young children and may need to be contacted immediately/urgently).

I ask patients to put on the DND do not disturb during sessions.

thank you. good idea

Yes, I also remind client’s to use DND option but some people for various reasons can’t use this option. I also think this is something that should easily be fixed by DOXY. I get very frustrated by it.

Yes, I’m having the same problem when clients get phone calls while we’re in video chat. I have an android phone & prior to chats, I go into my settings to DO NOT DISTURB when phone calls, etc are received. I’m not sure if iPhones have the same abilities, but seems as tho they would. I’m also wondering if going to the $29.99/mo plan would decrease interruptions.

Thanks for the input,. 3 calls today were the same problem . Big time waster. Trying to explain how to do DND to my senior patients will be a challenge. Appreciate the links

I have the same problem. It has been going on for a while. I have the premium service and it is no difference from the free. I am presently shopping for another service. I have 3 providers and I expected better.

that is why i dont use doxy anymore

Yes, I am periodically having the same issue, but also on occasion that clients cannot enter the waiting room. I will try the solution to the first problem instructing DND.

nope same problem on 29,99 plan…

I am having the same issues. I also use a MacBook Pro which is connected to my phone. Multiple difficulties. Please doxy we are paying for your services. It’s time to step it up. I’m about to stop using your service.

I am having the same problem.

Hi there,

Yes, the DND feature is best to turn on before the call. Also, I believe you can select certain calls to be allowed to come thru, in case of emergency, when the DND is activated. And yes, the iphone will always defer control of the microphone (and camera in some cases) to an incoming call over the web based video call bc it deems the calls more important. Now, I did see in Applies latest notes about upcoming releases the iOS version 14 may have a work around for this. They are releasing an ability to “compact incoming calls” - “Incoming phone calls no longer take up the entire screen in iOS 14, and instead show up as a small banner at the top of the display. Swipe up on the banner to dismiss it, or swipe down to see more phone options and answer the call.” So once I can get some beta access to test we can know better, but this may resolve the issue. If anyone wants to learn more about version 14, you can here: iOS 14: Complete Guide to All the New Features