iPhone users unable to share camera and mic still

is anyone else having ongoing problems with iPhone users not being able to give the webpage access to their camera and mic? it’s an intermittent issue for us. the last pt that had problems was using an iPhone XR, was on the latest version of iOS, and was using Safari. In the past, I have tried all the troubleshooting steps listed in the help articles and still been unable to assist Pts with their visits. it’s almost like there’s no fix but i can’t believe that is true. basically, in the cases i have been a part of, either Pts with iPhones can connect properly or not at all, there’s no in-between or settings change that helps.

When using Chrome, I have tried to use my iPhone this week to log in for sessions and the log in page doesn’t even appear for me, it is a totally blank page. I am able to login and have video session using Safari but the sound is totally inaudible, machine gun sounds. Needed to stop trying and just telephone the client.

I do. I can’t find what to do. And does anyone know how you get a live message or do a live chat.