Is anyone having trouble with losing sound during doxy sessions

I. Keep losing sound during my doxy sessions. It is super frustrating. Is anyone else having issuesm

Can you describe your setup? Computer, iPad, or phone?
Describe the problem? you can’t hear the patient, or the patient can’t hear you?..
If this is happening repeatedly, is there a consistency to the problem? …always at 15 minutes, always when switching to another app, always when…

I am using a Android phone. It usually goes radio silent had of my visits towards the middle or end of the visit. There doesn’t seem to be a reason I can find. Thanks for any advice you may have

Christy Bonner, DMin, LMFT

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If you can’t hear them, the issue is typically on their end (their microphone was interrupted).
If they can’t hear you, the problem is on your end (your microphone was interrupted).

Other counselors have found problems when their clients go to their calendar app to set their next appt.

Audio can get cut off when clients act on a notification (instagram, txt message, news, etc). Start your sessions by telling the client not to change apps during your session. We lost audio when a patient’s alarm app went off, tough situation, you have to turn off the alarm. Reconnecting fixed it fine.

Hopefully the solution is related to one of the above. Good luck


Has happened a lot and usually it is them that can’t hear me, sometimes me that cannot hear them, and today at first the client could not hear me and when she moved her phone we both went silent and then I reconnected and she could hear me and I could not hear her. Luckily it was most important she hear me and I finished the session w/a phone call. Want to fix this problem.

So let them know not to have apps open? What do you mean not to change apps during the session?

Mine doesn’t seem to happen because I have opened an app

I was wondering if the super doxy person meant tell the clients to close apps that may disrupt the connection?

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Sorry for not being more clear. If your patient is using an iPhone or Android Phone, either their Camera or Microphone can be interrupted if the patient changes to another app on their phone. It doesn’t happen every time. You should do a couple of experiments to see for yourself. While in a session, pull up your calendar, open a text message, open an instragram or snapchat message, play a video in YouTube, set an alarm to go off in mid conversation, receive a phone call, etc. In most cases, the camera will turn off. In some cases, the audio will turn off also.
I believe this is controlled by the user’s phone, not by Doxy’s programming. This makes it challenging to provide tech support, as a current iPhone running iOS 13.4 may behave differently than iOS 12, or from any other version of Android. Doxy clients have had sessions interrupted because an alarm went off mid session (that happened to us), another said the audio ended when a client opened their Airpod case, another ended every time their patients went to schedule their next session.
When I test some of these things, they may work on my iPhone (iOS13.4),but may fail on someone else’s.
So, our best guidance to patients has been to avoid changing apps until the session is over. Ignore incoming messages. Don’t answer phone calls. Don’t switch over to news, etc. This has improved (though not fully solved) the problem of audio cutting out mid-session.
Hope this helps

Thank you. This is helpful. But I wonder why this doesn’t ever happen on zoom but happens so often on doxy?

Thanks, that may help.

Yes. I am having the same problem.

I have had for sound so called on phone as they and I on computer

It happened to me (silence) today with a client who was on their computer. I had not touched anything on my phone and they were aware not to play with anything on their on their computer. Thanks for any advice you can offer

All the time. It is routine. I wonder if it is related to capacity of the software. I am in a large medical group in Portland Oregon and I know our local bandwidth is robust.
Sometimes parentheses frequently) my vision is gone and the visual from the patient is there. Sometimes no one is in the waiting room when someone is actually waiting and I have to reload the software.

Re. patient not hearing me and vice-versa:

In a group call, one of the patients either couldn’t hear the rest of us (and we couldn’t hear them) or what they heard was garbled and often unintelligible.

I have tested my internet capability and everything (speed and quality) test okay.

Anyone else have this issue? Suggestions?

Another question re. starting the call.

Users see a message that I am offline, when I am not. What does this mean?

It gets worse as the sessions progress. Have tried multiple computers, mics, setups, and the sound continues to degrade during the visit. I have excellent band width support. THis has been a recurring problem since I started, and I often give up and use FaceTime. Very frustrating. No immediate support while having problem. I have sent screen shots to support without resolution, and have given up receiving help.

Yes. Occasionally no client sound when I connect. Have video but no sound.

I am having a problem with audio, too. The session starts fine with audio and video, but thereafter every five minutes the audio on my side gives out and the pt can’t hear me. I go to settings and click reset and it restores the audio for another five minutes. Ultimately after 6 or so rounds of this it gives out completely and we had to end the session by phone. This is really difficult. I’d really appreciate any help you can offer. (I did the precall test and my microphone is working. It’s really curious that it dies out every five minutes.) Thank you.