Is doxy down altogether?

Fortunately I am not due to use doxy again until next week, but suddenly it simply doesn’t open. I briefly got a message saying that for some (security?) reason it would be five seconds before it opened, but it didn’t open and now I don’t even get that. Help! Doxy please respond.

Hello. I am a fellow user of doxy and yes, doxy has been down for about 45 minutes or so. For updates on the status of the site, you can visit:

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much - appreciated.

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Just tried to begin session but nope. extremely frustrating

This just came through on their status page
Monitoring - A fix has been implemented and the application is now becoming accessible. We are continuing to monitor closely.
Oct 8, 13:26 EDT

This link is very helpful, thank you!

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Looks like things are starting to work now on our end now, so the fix seems to be good so far. Thanks, doxy team!

Good to know it’s not me; very frustrating…Just had to do two appointments on FaceTime…not sure I’m feeling the benefit of the upgrade…

I have stopped using Doxy as it have become unreliable and I can have by booked time compromised. I am checking out Vsee and using Zoom in the meantime.