Is invite down?

I usually send repeat invites to my clients 5 to 10 minutes before the session. They prefer getting a text or email with a link. Today, I have had 3 no shows and clients indicate they have not received a link for the scheduled visit.

This has been happening to me sporadically. Wastes time!

I found one issue that’s creating a problem. The text message is being flagged by Verizon and maybe other cellphone providers as spam. Since the messages always come from different phone numbers it’s not possible for the client to whitelist the number. needs to address this issue with the cellphone providers.

I have had a similar issue, where I send a link to email and it is not received. I have to send a few, and sometimes does not arrive.

Hi There,

We have recently changed from long code to a Short code text so it will not appear to come from a different number each time. We did see the issue with T Mobile and Verizon receiving texts a few weeks ago but that issue should be resolved now.