Is Pro worth the price?

I have been using Free, contemplating upgrading to Pro, I am interested in hearing from Pro users how the Pro upgrade has enhanced their experience.

I am thinking it is not really worth the price. It is VERY expensive and issues are not addressed effectively. I have had trouble with sound, freezing pictures, and I am disappointed that I pay for pro in part to have a text message sent, but in text the day and time are not displayed. But if you send an email you can modify it yourself. The explanations for payments are not clear, the directions are not easy to go through. I thought there would be a place for notes, but I don’t see it. I realized it is HIPPA compliant and that is why I got it. But ZOOM works so much better and the options on it are great.

Thanks for the input. Bernie

Well, so far my issues of freezing intermittently, microphone or camera turning on and off during calls have not gotten better with the paid version. I don’t think it’s expensive-$35/ month is the cheapest out there. However, the quality is very disappointing. The ease of use for my patients is great. I also like the file transfer (i can send my patient a telehealth consent form) and I am using the payment of Stripe occasionally to take cc’s which is easy. will see when the $ lands in my bank since i just started.
I am waiting for an email response from higher tech support tier to see if they can resolve my issues. So i’m undecided as of yet. I do like the features of the pro version. Nice to put my pic in my waiting room also

Thanks, I am most interested in better visuals. Bernie

I recently upgraded from free to Pro platform and have been frustrated to find video freezing, audio lagging/buffering, and even calls dropped as much as before. I have Xfinity wifi and Google mesh overlay so think I have plenty of broadband signal. I am also disappointed to try to get help and have the Bot merry-go-round. Pro upgrade could merit slightly more user-friendly interface?
As I read responses to other glitches, I can appreciate the platform cannot make up for variability of end users. Nonetheless finding that chrome extensions are problem is no less disconcerting and that should be on you to fix/address

No. I seem to be using low quality most of the time anyway since Doxy is unreliable.

The Pro features which I find useful:
SMS notifications - almost instant, compared with email
Ability to invite patients via SMS. Useful reminder if they are late to check in
File transfer
In call billing

Group calls and screenshare are useful to have but I have only used these on a few occasions

Quality wise it’s OK, much dependent on your and the other party;s internet connection and these days everyone is online and it may not be so good so I can understand.
I set the video quality to standard and generally it is OK for me.

I too have been having difficulty with the video freezing and at times with audio. When audio fails, I use my cell phone with my air pod pro and we are then able to continue with the session. I do think that needs to improve both visual and sound in their system. With that said, the ease of using this was great and my clients like the ease of signing on, I love getting a sound to notify me when someone is in the waiting room. I am still learning the system. I do not think the price is unreasonable. I purchased the package from See and upgraded from free. When I did that I could not get onto the system because is said that I did not have an account. I had multiple clients that day and tried In a few minutes I was on the free try and then upgraded. I was able to get a BAA in no time. I am willing to give doxy a chance to correct visual and sound issues. I thought about Zoom but was not happy with their lack of security. Also Go To Meeting is to expensive for a sole practice.


Major problem is the quality of audio and video. I’m unclear if this is a doxy issue or not. Been told that doxy technology links provider and client and that quality problems with audio or video come from one or the other or both.
If so, then doxy is not particularly useful to me. I pay the $35 per month but, frankly, the quality is not worth paying for. This week alone over half my sessions had frozen video and all day today I had to use telephones for the audio.
I’ve tried refreshing, had clients try refreshing, to no avail.
Maybe someone at doxy could clarify where the problem lies and what, if anything can be done to fix it.

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Have both you and your clients done the pre call check?

Hey docs of doxy …lemme throw my 2cents worth in. Used this Doxy for remote telemedicine bout 4 or so yes back … worked bout the same on computer but phone tech wasn’t there then. Started using doxy again with this pandemic and I am on twice A-day every day of the week. I am pretty convinced that 90 plus percent of all of the technical difficulties are coming from the patient side.Many of these patients do not understand the technology of smartphones and the easiest way I have been able to deal with this is to instruct the patient to turn their phone off wait 3 or 4 minutes turn it back on and when it asks to resume the previously running programs?..say no, absolutely no. Some Of these patients have dozens of apps running in the background.
Then I have instructed them to get back on my Doxy site and do the pre call test and amazingly (per pt) it is working just fine. I have had far too many calls on both phone and computer that have gone without a hitch no problem at all. If I have the occasion will picture freeze I simply reload the page and it is just fine if it is on my side or the doxy side. A simple refresh has worked for at least half of those problems… And those problems are really pretty rare. So bottom line I have found the vast majority of the difficulties to be on the side of the patient calling In . And the 1st question I asked them is which browser they are using? Half of them don’t even know but they need to be using Google or Firefox for this program to work adequately or so I have been told.

Now My comments on upgrading to the professional package… I don’t know why anybody would think that upgrading to this package would give you better quality video or audio. The technical side is the technical side and it’s really gonna be the same either way I would think. I purchased this for the amenities!!.. you are paying for the amenities in the professional package and just as Palm doc commented all of those are things you get with a professional pack is which are nice but the main thing that I had been pleased with is the note it allows me to leave with my picture on my doxie page. On the free version patients would get on my site see that I am offline and then leave. Being able to put my note on the site saying that they should stay ,check in , do the pretest call or precall test and I will be notified and can join them …That note/instructions has made a world of difference in the number of patients that I am actually able to see. As well as the ability to do a group call to include relatives of some of these patients and to invite them when they’re not there at the time they’re supposed to be. Just the ability to have these amenities is well worth $35 a month. I never expected any difference in quality or audios because that type of technical upgrade I am quite sure would be far more than $35 a month so, In my humble opinion doxie has done very well to add these amenities for a cheap price. And I also got to say that I have talked to several people that have been jumping on the doxy band wagon and yes everybody’s having some difficulties learning but doxie I think has done a wonderful job in accommodating the vast increase in their system users that I think other systems as you may have seen in the news have crashed because they could not handle the sudden increased load …so kudos to doxy for helping all those that have needed help during this crisis. It’s been a practice saver for me.
Lastly lemme say I’m using voice recognition on my phone, so pardon any text weirdness…lol…stay safe…DrK


Very helpful information. Glad you could get someone from doxy to respond. I got nothing this complete, just “try refresh”.

Thanks. Maybe Zoom is worth a try…

$29 a month is “VERY” expensive for you??? Jeez… Zoom’s HIPPA compliant version is $200 per month.