Is this what "scratchy" or "crackling" or "staticky" sounds like?

One of my clients reports that what he hears of my voice is so distorted that it is impossible to understand. He can see me and I can see/hear him just fine. It is intermittent (i.e., doesn’t always happen and sometimes resolves after a few seconds or minutes). He is the only who reports this, but he tapes his sessions and kindly sent me a sample of the first few seconds of one of them. I would like to know whether this is the same kind of distortion other users have described as " scratchy," etc.:

Randall Stutter Sample.m4a

The client is on a Mac laptop and I am on a new iMac–no phone involved. This discussion thread would be more helpful to me if I knew we were (or were not) describing the same sound phenomenon. Responses much appreciated!

Oops! Audio files apparently not supported on Doxy though I’ll try .mp3:

Randall Stutter Sample.mp3

And BTW, how is it that a media interaction site is unable to support audio files in its forums?!

Thank you for posting, @drjrn. There are several reasons that what you’re describing could happen. I recommend starting with this Help article and also looking at the current issues on our status page.

If you’d like to send the audio file to our support team for assistance, you can do so via chat from the Help button on the bottom right of your dashboard or via email to