Issues with latest update

Ever since the recent update I have been having problems on my Windows computer that I did not have before. These include:

  • marked degradation of video quality
  • dropped or frozen calls
  • I can’t message within a session because no keyboard comes up
  • It is harder to invite patients to sessions, using my default email, than it was before.
    Is anyone else experiencing this? I switched to my laptop because I was having so many issues using my ipad.
    I wish I could go back to the prior version.

Thank you for posting, @dreweinberger. I will certainly try to get to the root of the issues you’re having if you can provide some specifics on them:

  • What date did the video quality seem to get worse for you?
  • Can you give any dates/times when you experienced dropped or frozen calls so I could look into those?
  • I believe you’re saying that you’re trying to use the patient chat on a device without a physical keyboard, but the on-screen keyboard isn’t coming up when you click in the chat. Is that correct?
  • Can you tell me what makes it harder to invite patients using your default email? For instance, did something change in the process that added steps?

I appreciate you bringing these issues to our attention and I can dig further into them if you’re able to answer these questions. As always, you can also reach out to us via chat (from the HELP button at the bottom right of your dashboard) or via email ( for support.

I am having quite a number of users saying they can’t hear me. Previously it was fine but it seems to be an issue with android mobile users. Yea

I don’t know if this is related to the update, but I have had some folks have trouble getting their camera on. One read the DOXY piece on Chrome but it did not help. This person’s camera had recently worked on ZOOM and TEAMS.
I tried to get help, since I didn’t get a eval question at the end of the session. It gave me a number to call for help (8004369963) and it just tried to sell me MedAlert and other things; then it cut me off.
Victor Frazao

The quality issue began directly after I clicked on the update button. I can recall the exact dates and times. The same applies to dropped or frozen calls. I had one yesterday between 2:30-4:15 pm. As for the keyboard, I didn’t realize it wouldn’t appear when using my computer, which has a keyboard. So, that should work now. As for inviting pts using default email, the format has changed. I had a series of steps I’d use that isn’t working now. Can you tell me the recommended steps?
Than you,
Elizabeth Weinberger, Ph.D.

I’m sorry for the delayed response, Dr. Weinberger. I am a little lost on the “update button” you’re referring to. When we make updates to, the site will just appear in its updated form on your next visit to the site.

As for the default email invitations, I’m not aware of any changes to that. I’ve created a short GIF to show the process. If you can let me know where you’re running into an issue, I can try to investigate further.