Poor first time use.

Hi there Joan
What issues did you have? Did you reach out to customer support? Click on the HELP icon on your dashboard.

I have a client that has the required interent and etc. We have not been able to have a successful session. It stops , keeps slowing. Not goud.

I can’t transfer or send files.

Hi there. So sorry that you are having issues. If this is only happening with this one particular client is it possible that they have a firewall in place. I also have noticed that during this health crisis users’ internet speeds may be okay, but they are sitting extremely far from the router or that their bandwidth is not sufficient due to multiple devices at the location all tapping into the network at the same time. Also, I recommend having them conduct the precall test if you haven’t already and find out how old the device they are using is.
Patient Pre Call Troubleshooter.docx (39.7 KB)