Lack of updates based on feedback

Is it me or are the ‘community topics’ about venting complaints only? It doesn’t seem to me like has addressed anyone’s concerns or feature requests. It does not seem to me like it is worth re-subscribing when there’s no feedback and clearly no desire to provide the features needed by the consumer. I am HIGHLY disappointed.


If you visit the Product Updates category, you will see there are regularly posts from us announcing updates to the platform; virtually everything in these updates is in response to feedback from our users. Here is the most recent one:

  • We knew the photo capture tool was causing a problem because customers told us; we then fixed it.
  • We knew clinic providers wanted to be able to see who patients were on a call with in shared waiting rooms because they told us; we gave them that ability.

The update before that addressed some very, very common requests:

  • The main video feed on group calls now toggles to show the person speaking
  • Room passcodes are included on invites for those providers who have them enabled
  • Clinic admins now have the ability to hide individual waiting rooms from their clinic’s landing page.
  • The patient chat box remaining after a call ended is also something many people have commented on, and we made a tweak to address those comments.

At the bottom of those threads, you can find links to other update posts, which are similarly featuring improvements we made based on the feedback of our users.

Thank you for your reply. How about the name on the patient in the history? giving/ending mouse control? a white board? edit tools?

We’re working on them, we can’t do everything at once. You said there were never updates based on feedback, but that is not true. We still have to prioritize based on different factors.

Then my wording should have been to make features that make presentation of treatment more controllable by the therapist. What is the timeline for having these features? what is the status of development?

Adam I have to agree with damarisarceslp–I would like to add that most the folks have defensive comments such as yours. I am paying for the service and I expect courtesy and time lines for a paid product. If issues aren’t resolved there are other options that do cost as well and I will switch. Just an observation and comment.


Thanks Adam for the updates - hiding rooms from the landing page is great. @damarisarceslp and @janehemphill I just checked both of your profiles and don’t see either of you as having ever opened a topic asking for features to be added. So - maybe try doing that instead of just complaining if you would like your issues to be addressed more quickly. Good luck!

@ScrantonSCC I did comment about these features on April 15. Not surprising, there wasn’t a reply to that comment. Unfortunately, when someone states a complaint, an immediate reply is provided. Perhaps if neutral tone suggestions were considered with the same urgency, dissatisfied comments would not be necessary. As @janehemphill contributed, we are paying customer that have selected this product. Timely responses, feedback and how improvements are prioritized is important to me, a consumer, when choosing to continue using a product. The enhancements that matter to me, most directly impact the quality of my service to my clients (even more so that the slight convenience updates) and it seems that they have not been prioritized. Many subscribers have made the same requests. Indeed, customer service goes a long way when the competition is strong and just might make all the difference in keeping a customer.

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It sounds like you are asking for a better issue tracking system which could be useful and is something I’ve seen in other systems I’ve worked with, where users can vote on issues to prioritize which they consider most valuable and the devs can comment on progress. It may be worth your time to open a new thread asking for them to consider implementing something like that.

I agree that good CS and tone are important and sometimes there is a defensive tone here which could be better, but I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in the past few weeks in the performance of the product and the features getting implemented which I do appreciate.