Laptop with Chrome dropping calls

Today I met with a patient whom I’ve been meeting with via Doxy for a long time. Today’s conversation was dropped 4 times. What is going on? I hope my entire day is not going to be like this! We both use Chrome on laptops. Thanks for any input!

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Thanks for reaching out, and sorry we’re running into some issues. We do have some general trouble shooting tips on our Help Forum, and I’m primarily including that in case others stumble upon your request and need to know where to start!

But sounds like you’ve been using us for a while now so I’d like to open up a quick support ticket to do some additional trouble shooting. You should see an email message coming soon to let us further discuss.

Thanks for taking the time to let us know!

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I have had major prob with chrome last week and yesterday, I have been using Doxy for about a year 2 t0 4 x daily. I have had patients freeze and have had difficult with doxy locating my microphone. I have got the terminal freeze with spinning Icon and "try aqain later. In the beginning I used safarri and was told by somebody in your company to use chrome as it behaved better. Indeed, it did until recently.