Latest news and updates from the development team (April 24, 2020)

Hi everyone! I’m back with another update from the development team, who are working hard all the time to address the suggestions of the people who use the platform. There are more than 600,000 registered users of the site, and your feedback is a crucial part of our development and support process. So please, keep the comments coming!.

Here are some of the things our people behind the scenes have made happen:

Pre-call test
We urge all staff, providers and patients to use the pre-call test tool, especially if they are new to or are using a new device. To this end, we have made a couple of changes to increase accessibility:

  • The pre-call test will now open in a pop-up window on the account page or in the waiting room:


  • Furthermore, the pre-call test is now available to patients on mobile devices. See this help article for more tips on making sure you have a great call.

Meeting History page

  • The Meeting History link on the left-hand side of the account page will now remain visible, even when adjusting the size of the browser window:


Miscellaneous technical improvements
Our developers have also eliminated a couple of issues that a small number of users were experiencing:

  • The free/pro label will now be visible in the top-left corner of the account page for all users.

  • The Clinic Settings tab will remain visible for all Clinic Owners and Admins on their Account Settings page.

Be sure to check out last week’s update, including some often-requested features for Clinic Admins, and an update for users sending text message invites outside the US. And as always, head to the Feature Requests forum to let us know what you’d like to see next!


Hello Adam-Becker I’m a new user of on the professional level. $35.00 a month. Our problem is calls dropping sound and video a few minutes into a session. Many users on the community site are complaining of the same problem but now one knows why or how to fix it. Please publish acknowledgment and a fix as soon as possible. Jere Graham,


Hi is there anyway to have a person to person chat? going through the bot takes huge amounts of time and many missed sessions due to tech issues… In additon, Any chance you will change your name. I see young people and was told "Do you know what it means to “dox” someone ?? It’s bad realy bad. They do not like associating their “therapy” work with the word “Dox”. so I may have to change providers, because I will be seeing a lot of people in the age range that would care. Keeping it for now, but looking…

Sharon Bergman

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By answering the bots it helps direct your message/question to the right person to help you. :slight_smile:

If you do not want to use you can give your patients the url

Doxy is a Greek root suffix meaning “knowledge, truth, or wisdom” (eg ortha-doxy).

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My client stated they did not have a button to access the pre-test call, and was delayed 11 mins for her session with me. Is there a link I can send to clients for the pre-call test?

I see same problem. Sometimes seems to be the patient moves the phone or touches something on the phone screen. Doesn’t seem to happen with computers.

Hi DO you feel you could have a recording feature ?

The pretest on mobile devices actually is turning off the users camera and microphone. The user then has to exit the waiting room and check back in. We have tested this several times and cannot get the pretest to function properly at least on iphones.

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I duplicated this process and had the same results with an iPhone. The test worked, but no video/audio when entering room.

After exit and re-enter audio and video worked.

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@larrypavlock, @dchs that you for reporting. We are looking at it

We also experiencing the same issue. we can see patient and can hear the other end well, but patient can not hear from us, of course we have checked our micro function status. We asked them to reconnect with us, somehow they said the sound quality was not good, so we have to use the phone at the same time.

It would be really nice to have pop up option of the chat window prepopulated with option of " be with you in 5 minutes", 10 minutes, 15 minutes since I am typing this in on a regular basis to patients I see in my virtual waiting room.

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Any updates on this? The issues still persist.

I had to look up the word dox. Webster and Urban dictionary. I learn something new every day! Unfortunate. Checking with our adolescent providers to see if their clients have run into this association.