Lawn Sprinkler noise - water splashing on window

…but it’s not. This is an intermittent sound that occurs in sessions with some clients. It sounds as if the client has a rotating lawn sprinkler on in the yard that splashes water forcefully on the window pane of the room my client is in. It turns out that the client does NOT have a sprinkler and they do NOT hear the sound. While it was annoying, it did not become an obstacle until it got so loud that I couldn’t here my client.

Anyone know what this is or have any suggestions?

Close the window then the rain won’t come in? Sorry I couldn’t help myself.

All I know is that I go through all the entire checklist Doxey provides, all the cleaning steps religiously and “tell” all my clients to do the same for the sake of connection. This has solved all my issues accept periodic static which I can live which at this point I can live with.

Does it happen with your phone, laptop, ipad? All of them? one of them? Everywhere where you live?
I hear tech support is slow. Have you considered closing your account and then reopen one in Doxey (if that is even possible)?

It’d be appreciated if you’d let me know if any of this helped, but no necessary.