Limit waiting room to one person?

can I limit waiting room to one person?

So I have found that the only times that more than one person shows up in the waiting room is when a client has an incorrect time or when a client does not close down the program after a session. In each case I quickly phone the person who shouldn’t be there, and they exit. If you only limit to one person, your scheduled client might not be able to access the waiting room until the unscheduled one logs out.

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I right click on my mouse and “reload” after every session. If someone does show up at the wrong time, I just don’t let them in while I am in a session with someone else. They cannot see who I am with. I contact them at the first opportunity after I finish my session.

@drdoxyclinic - why would you want to limit to one person?
Patients can’t see one another, and you have the advantage of knowing there’s somebody there, whether they should be there or not.
If you don’t like the ability for patients to chat with you when in the waiting room, you can turn that off.
If you want to protect who can enter the waiting room, add a password requirement.

Just trying to nail down a method by which we know which patients are in the waiting room and match to the schedule.

@drdoxyclinic - Understood. Though the corollary to a real (not virtual) doctor’s office and waiting room is no different- you may have people come by to a real doctor’s office that don’t have an appointment.

If you have a clinic subscription, you can create ‘Shared’ waiting rooms where multiple people in your practice can see patients in a patient queue-- someone (like an office assistant or specialist) could screen people that are in the room. Or share your room with another person in your organization. That’s our practice… works well.

If you’re on the free account-- yeah, then this may not be available for you.

yeah that’s exactly what we are trying to figure out. maybe self checking with their DOB or email address?


@drdoxyclinic - You may benefit from using Custom URL’s for check-in. Perhaps you can validate URL’s with patients

Accessibility: Send URL that checks patients in automatically | Help Center

nice you rock! :sunglasses:

will check it out!