Link Problems on Patient's End

Hello! Just had a client who had the correct link, but was being brought to another therapist’s waiting room instead of mine, despite me sending him the correct link, having my waiting room open, and him reading back the link to me.

Though I understand this may not bring you full resolution, I wanted to share as one of our providers recently ran into this as well.

In our case, despite the patient being sent the correct link, they were either typing the link manually into their browser incorrectly, or, as they typed it into the browser it was auto-correcting and going in wrong.

They gave me the name of the provider who’s room they were landing in. What I found was this:
https://<our_clinic_name><shared_room_name> was matching this provider’s room at<shared_room_name>. Just a very unfortunate circumstance.

Pro tip: If the patient enters “<shared_room_name>”, it will direct them to "<shared_room_name>.

Once this was explained to the patient they no longer got it incorrect.